When to Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Tune-Up

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is an integral part of your health and comfort. If you are not aware of this, try turning off your A/C during the next hot spell or try going a day without heat this winter—this will quickly remind you of its importance. Not only does your HVAC system help regulate the temperature of your home, but it also helps clean and circulate the air.

At Comfort By Nature, we have experienced and expert HVAC contractors who are committed to your comfort. We have proudly been serving the Greeley area for over 20 years and have earned the title of Top Rated Local HVAC providers.

Here in Colorado, weather can be slightly erratic—one day it’s bright and sunny, the next it’s cold and dreary. Though we still have some time before winter arrives, it’s important to remember to stay on top of your HVAC maintenance, so that it can better keep you and your family comfortable regardless of what’s happening outside.

How Often Should I Schedule  HVAC Maintenance?

We recommend scheduling at least two maintenance visits a year. One in the fall—before your heater gets put into daily use—and once in the spring—before your A/C works tirelessly to give you a respite from Colorado’s hot summers.

What Does an HVAC Check-up Entail?

During these scheduled visits, a certified HVAC specialist will comb through your system, remove blockages, and ensure that all the parts are tightened, lubricated, and working properly. They will also take care of any minor repairs and make sure that your system is in optimal condition.

In an average Colorado home, half of the energy cost goes toward heating and cooling. Therefore, getting your HVAC system regularly is not only a way to improve the comfort of your home, but it will also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, which in the long run will keep more money in your pocket.