Two Tips to Avoid Summertime Commercial HVAC Breakdowns

Living in Northern Colorado means experiencing the extremes of weather with a cheerful attitude. We try to enjoy the heat while we’ve got it, knowing that the summers are short and that, before we know it, the snow and cold wind will return.  The forecast for the last half of June is calling for temperatures in the upper 80s and even the mid-90s. This means that your commercial HVAC system will be running for most hours of the day and into the night. This kind of workout can lead to commercial HVAC failures; failures that your business and your bottom line can ill afford. Here are two tips to help you avoid a summertime HVAC breakdowns:

  1. Change your filter – It may seem like an insignificant piece of equipment, but a clogged air filter can start a chain reaction that ends in an HVAC breakdown. The dirt, dust, and various bits of fuzz that collect on the air filter slows it down the air flow and forces the HVAC to work harder to push air through the filter. A clean filter allows the air to flow freely and eases the burden of the HVAC unit,  thus reducing the chances of a breakdown.
  2. Get a maintenance check – Comfort By Nature is your Northern Colorado HVAC expert to call when you need to get your HVAC system its seasonal check up. If an HVAC unit had an odometer, it would be easier to know when a check up is needed, but since it doesn’t, we recommend  getting it checked seasonally. You know that if we are hitting 90 degrees in June, that July and August might bring record-breaking conditions. Don’t wait until your commercial HVAC unit breaks down to schedule a service call!

If these tips are too little too late, call Comfort By Nature for HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement, and we’ll have your HVAC up and running as quickly as possible.