The Importance Of Maintaining Your Furnace With Us

With cold weather moving in quickly to Northern Colorado, you’re going to start relying on your furnace more and more. One of the last things you need is for it to stop working right when you need it most! Here at Comfort By Nature, your trusted Greeley HVAC repair and maintenance company, we want you to understand how essential it is for you to keep your furnace regularly maintained.

Why is regular furnace maintenance necessary? Firstly, if your furnace is gas, that means that your home is being heated by the burning of natural gas or propane. The very fact that the process involves a flame and a combustible material should illustrate the importance of keeping your furnace maintained. A neglected furnace can lead to problems ranging from costly to dangerous.

What can happen if you neglect furnace maintenance? Consider the benefits of changing the oil in your vehicle and what happens if you don’t do it. Ensuring the components of your furnace are working correctly is of equal significance. Ignoring furnace maintenance can result in expensive, or even deadly, consequences.

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Carbon monoxide is a natural byproduct of incomplete combustion. Deadly, odorless, and colorless, carbon monoxide is produced in small amounts by all gas furnaces. If your furnace is dirty and hasn’t been maintained, it can produce greater, more harmful amounts.
  • Higher Energy Bills: Even the most energy efficient furnace can become an energy hog if it isn’t properly maintained!
  • A Shortened Lifespan: It is much more prudent to keep your furnace running smoothly with regular maintenance rather than to replace it due to neglect.