Spring Maintenance Should Include HVAC Maintenance Check


Whether you are a first-time homeowner or have been in the same home for years, there are chores that need to be done at this time of the year. Regularly maintaining your home will make it last long, look better and help you avoid bigger problems down the road. The summer heat is coming to the Greeley area! Make sure your HVAC is ready to keep you cool. 

HVAC Maintenance

  • Check on the physical condition of your heat pump. Can you see the blades? Do they look like they got bent, or           ?
  • Change your filter. With pollen counts set to sky high, it’s a great idea to start the season with a fresh HEPA filter. A new filter will catch allergens and decrease friction that can make your system work harder needlessly, and give you higher energy bills rise.
  • Your air conditioning unit (the part in the house will have a drain under to catch run off condensation. Before you start running the A/C, check this drain to make sure it’s not clogged. A clogged drain can cause the pan to overflow and damage walls and property lower in the house.
  • Call Comfort By Nature for a full-service spring maintenance check on your HVAC system to catch any issues before they turn into big problems and to make sure your system lasts for years and years.

Down Spouts

  • Over the winter, your downspouts and the troughs that deliver the water away from your home’s foundation may have shifted.
  • Check on them and make sure they are delivering the water to a good place. For instance, make sure it’s going over a retaining wall, instead of the house side of the wall.
  • Troughs have a tendency to sink over time and need to be raised with a layer of gravel and or dirt. If the water is pooling around the trough, it’s time to raise it.
  • Be mindful that the trough must be slightly tilted or water will pool on it and encourage mosquito populations.


Call us to schedule your spring HVAC check-up!