Residential HVAC Service and Repair

As the heat arrives in Northern Colorado, our minds turn to breaking out the boat, the jet skis heading to the mountains for weekends of camping, and turning on the air conditioning so we can sleep comfortably at night. But sometimes the AC doesn’t turn on as it should or seems to be providing little relief from the heat despite high energy bills. If you live in the Greeley area, you can turn to Comfort By Nature for any service or repair you need for your HVAC system for your home or business. We also offer several service plans that can save you money and time.

Residential HVAC Service & Repair

When you turn on your HVAC for the first time this spring, you shouldn’t have to cross your fingers that it turns on, but it happens, and that’s when you should call Comfort by Nature. We can provide the best service and repair. The best thing to do is to call and arrange a spring check up! We’ll come out and make sure that everything is running correctly. Our tune-up includes a thorough inspection of the working parts, a check of the condenser motor, a check of the condition of the drip line and tray, inspection of the belt and pulleys and filters, and much more. We’ll make sure that your HVAC is running at the highest level of efficiency possible so your bills can be as low as possible.

Service Plans Save Money & Time

If you have something go wrong on the hottest day of the year, call us and we’ll get you scheduled. Or better, yet, sign up for one of our Energy Savings Plans and get sent to the front of the line. You know how things go—your air conditioning seems statistically likely to go out the same day as everyone else’s in Weld County, but when you have a service agreement with Comfort By Nature, you can get priority service. Our Gold Plan guarantees you 24 hours service and priority service during business hours. Our Platinum Plan entitles you to priority service 24 hours a day. This Platinum level service also means that you won’t get charged overtime charges. It costs just $25 a month or $285 annual fee.
If you are having HVAC problems, or want to make sure your HVAC in Greeley is running as well as it can be, call us and set up a service appointment.