How Investing In An Energy Savings Plan Can Save Your Business Money

Success in business is all about maximizing the efficiency of your operations to win on the margins. Now, Comfort By Nature can help you cut down on two of your biggest expenses — energy and HVAC upkeep. 

Your energy bills may be a relatively small or significant part of your company’s budget, depending on the line of work you’re in and the power demands of your facilities. Regardless, your energy bills add up over time and can be a costly burden if your facility’s systems aren’t kept running efficiently. 

Conversely, your company’s HVAC system can be a highly variable expense, depending on how diligent you are about investing in routine HVAC maintenance. HVAC maintenance can seem like a frivolous annual or biannual expense, but it’s far cheaper than the cost of a breaking or dysfunctional HVAC system. 

If you own a business in the Greeley area, continue reading to learn more about Comfort By Nature’s Energy Savings Plans and how they can save you money, and call our headquarters in Greeley today to schedule a checkup for your company’s HVAC system!


What Are Energy Savings Plans?

Comfort By Nature is proud to offer our Energy Savings Plans, which essentially function as annual HVAC service memberships. In exchange for a small annual fee, you’ll receive a free tune-up of your business’s furnace and HVAC system, access to 24-hour service, and a host of other discounts and benefits. We offer two plans, Gold and Silver. 


The Gold Plan includes:

  • Access to 24-hour service
  • 24-hour priority service with no overtime charges
  • One annual tune-up of your furnace and HVAC system 
  • Free diagnostics
  • 15% discount on HVAC and furnace parts
  • 5% discount on HVAC replacement


The Silver Plan includes:

  • Access to 24-hour service
  • Priority service during regular business hours
  • One annual tune-up of your furnace and HVAC system 
  • 10% discount on HVAC and furnace parts
  • 5% discount on HVAC replacement

You can learn more about the specifics of each plan by visiting our Energy Savings Plans page. 


How Do Energy Savings Plans Save My Business Money?

HVAC Maintenance Costs. Regular HVAC maintenance, once to twice a year, is essential for ensuring the peak performance of your facility’s HVAC system and catching small problems with your system before they become larger, much more expensive issues. Our energy savings plans provide for that maintenance by giving your furnace and HVAC system a free tune-up every single year! With our plans, you’re reaping the financial benefits in the present as well as the future — our Silver plans are roughly the same price as one to two tune-ups of your HVAC system. And with either plan, you’ll get to enjoy faster service times during peak hours with priority service.

Equipment Expenses. In addition to HVAC repair service, our energy savings plans also save you money on parts and HVAC replacement! This is where you can truly reap the most benefit from our savings plans — the cost of replacement parts for HVAC systems varies widely, depending on the type, model, and age of your HVAC system, and replacement HVAC units can cost thousands. The discounts on these parts and HVAC system may seem small, but they can be significant when you need them the most. In truly mediocre HVAC situations, in which significant HVAC repair work or outright replacement is necessary,  the significant discounts you can enjoy pay for the cost of the Energy Savings Plan, and then some. 

Energy Bills. On top of all the savings you’ll enjoy on HVAC parts and units, as well as your overall HVAC repair costs in the long term, our Energy Savings Plans will help you enjoy savings on your power bill, too! By investing in one of these plans, you’re investing in the service of an HVAC repair partner that is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy peak HVAC performance and energy efficiency for as long as possible. Our HVAC repair and maintenance services will ensure the long-term health of your system and that you’re being kept comfortable while your system uses as little energy as possible. That’s the goal of innovation in the HVAC industry, after all!

To enjoy all of these benefits for your business and to start saving today, call Comfort By Nature in Greeley to get a quote on an Energy Savings Plan!