Heat Your Home with Dirt?

Do this winter’s heating bills have you reconsidering your heating system? If you are tired of paying super high utility bills while your home is still cold, you should consider having Comfort By Nature install a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home. Geothermal heat can heat your house in the winter, cool it in the summer and even run your hot water heater. You can save up to 70% on your you heating, cooling and energy to run your hot water heater.

How it Works:

  • A geothermal system utilizes a system of tubes, called loops, filled with water is run under the ground outside of the house.
  • This can be done horizontally or vertically. It can even be done along the bottom of a lake or pond.
  • The loops are placed between five and eight feet under the ground, depending on what area of the country you live.
  • The earth at this depth, is a steady temperature, usually around 54 degrees.
  • The loop transfers heat between the house and the ground.
  • In the winter, heat from the ground is moved, via the water in the loops, into the home.
  • In the summer, the heat of the air in the home is transferred to the cool ground and water cooled by the earth replaces it.
  • According to  National Geographic.com, geothermal “removes four times the kilowatt-hours of consumption from the electrical grid per dollar spent than photovoltaic and wind power add to the electrical grid.”
  • There are often federal, state and local incentives to help pay for the initial installation of a geothermal system.

If you are sick of high energy bills and would like to know more about geothermal heating and cooling, give Comfort By Nature a call today.