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Gold Service Plan

Our Gold Service Plan:

Protecting your home & giving you peace of mind.


Do you go into each summer and winter hoping and wondering if your heater, or A/C will make it another season? Do you know the last time your home’s systems were cleaned and serviced?  Our Gold Service Plan can give you peace of mind, protecting your home heating and cooling systems by providing the consistent maintenance and cleaning required to keep them running at peak efficiency all year long. The Gold Plan helps ensure your equipment is working correctly, that no dust, or debris has built-up, and no corrosion, or leaks are reducing your system efficiency, and causing unnecessary wear & tear on your equipment. Additionally, the Gold Service Plan ensures that your system’s filters are changed, belts are tightened, and ducts & vents are set correctly, extending the life of your equipment, and preventing costly and unexpected repairs. In the event that any new parts are needed, the plan also provides a 10% discount on all parts, and, if your unit needs to be completely replaced, you get a 5% discount on a new unit, saving you hundreds of dollars.

At Air Repair and Comfort By Nature, we are committed to helping your home be comfortable all year round, year after year.  Contact us today for plan information and enrollment details.   

As part of our plan you will receive:

Semi-Annual (Fall & Spring) scheduled maintenance on all covered units

  • We will contact you to schedule the twice yearly maintenance of your covered unit(s).
  • Service technicians will provide you a copy of the complete inspection & results of your system, including before and after pictures of your unit & parts, inspect and replace any needed filters, clean and remove any dust and debris preventing air-flow, measure & if needed, add refrigerant to A/C system, test system to ensure no leaks, or pressure loss.

10% Discount on Unit Parts

  • Any replacement parts for the covered A/C, Furnace, or Combination unit during the plan coverage dates.

5%  Discount on New Unit

  • If your unit needs to be replaced during the coverage period of your plan, you will receive a 5% discount on the replacement unit cost.