geothermal heating and cooling system

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Geothermal?


Does yet another huge summer cooling bill have you questioning your life choices? Or at least your method of cooling your house? If you are cooling and heating your home with a heat pump, there are some things you should know.

Heat Pump Limitations

  • As you have likely noticed, heat pumps work best when it is either mildly cold or mildly hot out. When the temperatures starts to reach into the extremes, as they do every summer and winter here in Northern Colorado, your heat pump won’t work as efficiently, especially if your heat pump isn’t the newest model.
  • In the winter, the heat pump functions by extracting heat from the air and delivering it to the interior of your home. The colder the weather, the more difficult this becomes. The blades may also freeze up, which causes the heat pump to go into defrost mode, leaving your home unheated during this phase. These problems with heat pumps begin when the temperature goes below 35 degrees. Living in Northern Colorado means living in a climate where the temperature can be the daily high for weeks on end. Not having an effective means to heat your home can lead to some chilly weeks!
  • Summertime’s extreme heat can mean running the air conditioning many hours of the day and night. If you are cooling your home with a heat pump, and it’s the right size for your home, it should be able to keep your home cool, but at a price. When you get your utility bills for a hot spell, you may decide to suffer through some hot days rather than get another bill that makes you wonder what you’ll have to give up to pay the bill.

The Geothermal Alternative

  • Geothermal heating and cooling is a great alternative to consider when you are thinking of switching to an inexpensive and environmentally friendly method to heat and cool your home or business. Geothermal is a clean, renewable energy source that can save you up to 70 percent on your utility bills.
  • Geothermal heating and cooling works by accessing the constant temperature of the earth that lays just feet below the surface. It works by using looped tubes filled with a viscous material that flows out and back into the home. The liquid transfers heat to the interior of your home. This can mean it takes out heat in the summer, and it delivers heat into your home the winter. The loop can be either horizontal or vertical so it can be installed in small yards.

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